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Services & Pricing

Below rates apply to immediate service areas of Beachwood Canyon/Bronson Canyon/Franklin Village and Hollywood Hills. Rates are the same for both dogs and cats unless otherwise noted. 


Email for out-of-area rates. 

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum 1-hr window for start times is required, with the exception of extenuating circumstances where  a specific start time is warranted.  

Bitch Sesh

Complimentary meet & greet!


Boss Bitch (30 minutes)

30-minute visits, to include walks. $22 for recurring weekday walks, $24 per single visit.


This Bitch (45 minutes)

For those that are just "extra." $28 for recurring, $30 per single 45-minute visit.


Queen Bitch (One hour)

For the high-maintenance divas and divos, visits up to one hour. $35 for recurring, $38 per single one-hour visit.


Mo Bitches (3+ Walking)

$5 fee each additional dog after two. There is no additional charge for two dogs that walk easily together and are non-aggressive.


Bitch with Benefits

Overnight sitting in client's home - 12 hrs, including basic night and morning routines/outings, typically starting by 9pm. (Day visits are available as add-ons at standard rates.) *$70 for up to two dogs that walk easily together. $10 each additional dog. $60 for cats, up to 3, additional $10 for 4+.


AirBoB (Private Boarding)

Exclusive private boarding for your pet family only, up to two small-medium dogs. (Feel free to inquire about exceptions.) Pivate home in the Hollywood Hills near Lake Hollywood Park, boasting a spacious enclosed backyard and dedicated human on-site. Furniture privileges, play time, walks and lots of belly rubs included! $90 for first dog, +$25 for second dog. For cats, exceptions, or needs beyond basic routines, please email for custom quote.


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