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Gina has lived in Beachwood Canyon for more than 10 years and has always felt a special connection to the neighborhood. As an animal lover with an entrepreneurial drive, "Bitches" became a way to do what she loves, in the community she loves.  

Gina's a lifelong rescuer, volunteer and certified sucker for anything with paws, so caring for people's

pets comes naturally. She's never met a dog or cat she didn't love, but she has a soft spot for the  older guys and the "misunderstood" types, and she can't resist an under-bite. Having always had an animal companion herself, she knows how hard it is to trust someone new with your beloved best friends. That's why your peace of mind is as important as meeting your pets' needs. Whatever you need to feel at ease, this bitch is here to please!

- Gina Marks, Founder & CEB


Claire has lived in Beachwood Canyon for 9 years, and has been serving the neighborhood with her  dog walking services for the past seven years. An avid animal lover and activist, when she's not at home snuggling with her two pups and kitty, she spends her time volunteering for PAWS LA and BARK Avenue.


Claire takes great pride in her connection with animals and makes it

her top priority to develop a strong level of trust with both the animal and the owner from the start.  Her clients range from elderly doggies and kitties that need special attention, to the crazy young ones with tons of energy, and those special rescues with aggression issues. She welcomes them all and can't wait to meet your bundle of love!

- Claire Schweighofer, COB

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